Sales panel backend data increase followers increase likes increase viewing

1.The merchant opens the lower-level platform

This platform can help you make it easier for customers to place orders, as long as you attract customers to basically wait for the money to be collected.


2. Adjust the selling price

Generally, if you get the background, you will adjust the price. It is good to increase the price by half by 30%. After all, it is too expensive to attract customers at first. First, attract customers and then gradually increase the price.


3. Drainage (Key)

More customers is the king of making money. Generally, which websites to find customers and which channels to dig customers

Now I am too lazy to run this website to find customers, because it has been operating for a period of time and has accumulated more than 4,000 customers. The repurchase rate of repeated orders every month is about 40%. The basic unit price is about 8~30 US dollars. It is equal to 1600, the minimum consumption is 8 US dollars = 12800, and the business is more than 10,000 dollars per month, so it is generally not dealt with, and the time is spent on other businesses.